Who We Are?

Meet2Date is an event group specialized in speed dating. Our experience in this area has brought us so many insights on how speed dating should be. We decided that we are going to be different, more dynamic, and more exciting than other speed dating events out there. Meet2Date was formed without plans. It happened during a party when one of our friends came up with the idea. It was one of those memorable nights that we had together. We had so much fun, so we thought to turn this fun to an event.

Speed Dating with Meet2Date

Our speed dating event starts with registration. We will be asking some things about you. Don’t worry, you have the option to say no to these questions, but it will help us a lot in profiling you for the event. There is really no rule in match-making, but based on experience, we get a higher success rate when there is a profiling process.

Aside from speed dating, our event coordinators can give you tips on how to get through the event with ease. It’s going to be a little uncomfortable at first, but when you just let loose, you’ll find this event liberating and fun. You’ll not only get the chance to meet the one, but you may also discover about yourself during the process.