Dating Progression in Five Stages

Forming an intimate relationship is a progressing process. Some stories were successful while the others ended up terribly. According to marriage counselors, the success of a relationship is based on how willing both parties to compromise.

Stage 1: The Spark of Romance

coupleIt works like adrenaline. When you are in this phase, you tend to be overwhelmed by it. You can defy the whole world for it. This stage might be one of the strongest emotion you will feel in your lifetime. When you meet that someone from online relatie starten that you really like, you’ll understand why. But don’t be fooled because just like any extreme emotions we feel, this insurmountable feeling has an end.

Stage 2: Reality Check

After 6 months or so, you and your partner will be facing the truths about relationships. You’ll find out that the perfect relationship you perceived it to have some loopholes. Even if you see those loopholes, you are still madly in love. The only difference is that, in this stage, you are aware of each other’s flaws.

Stage 3: Here Come The Fights

The adrenaline or morphine of love starts to fade off, you now realize what you signed up for. This is the part where those fights start. It’s a make or break stage. But if you and your partner survive this stage, it’s like a second love. It’s easy to put this in words, but the whole experience is going to be difficult.

Stage 4: Stability and Comfort

After all those fights, you learn how to adapt to one another. You learn to accept the flaws and the unsightly things about your partner. This where the relationship becomes stable. It’s going to be a little boring but at least peaceful. You still have fought from time to time, but you both are smarter when it comes to dealing with misunderstandings.


Stage 5: Finally, Commitment

If everything goes well with your elitedating, you will reach the last stage. This the fairy-tale ending we’ve been looking for. The part when you and your partner commit to one another. Sadly, not all couple reach to this stage. Some of them didn’t make it to stage 3. If you reached this stage in one piece, you have a great treasure to protect.