Is There Really A Soulmate Waiting For You?

Do you believe in a soulmate? Well, there is no scientific proof to it, but we still bring our best bet that it does exist. The idea of it is so beautiful. There is someone destined for you, someone meant for you to love.

Math Says It’s Impossible, But Energy Does


The math says it’s impossible because if we consider the ratio of male and female, there is already a problem. Another point of math that proves that soulmate doesn’t, there are about 500,000 candidates, and you cannot go through them all even you live up to 100 years old. On the other hand, energy says it’s possible. Energy attracts the same energy you exude. It’s quite superficial if you think about it. But it also makes sense. Victoria Milan will tell you that attraction is all about energy, and it might be the key to find your soulmate.

Similar Brain Activities of Couples

soul mateNeurologists have discovered that couples get similar brain activities during a scan. The patterns show impressive similarity in couples which made us think that we become who we hang out with. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you met your soulmate. But you are with the human you love. You love him or her so much that your brain aligns with her. No dating sites can give you this feeling of euphoria. So if you find your special someone, you are blessed. Treasure every minute of it.

So, Is It Real?

No one can tell. We don’t have our life planned out. If we can tell the end from the beginning, we could have led a perfect life. But life unveils to us like a daring story we have no idea how it’s going to end. So what’s our take? You may have found the love of your life, congratulations. If you are still looking for the one, keep your doors open and keep discovering.