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Need a Boost For Your Event?

Meet2date is the experts when it comes to events. We can make any event from boring to sensational. Book one of our hosts and let her magic do the work. Meet2Date is shifting gears and venturing more opportunities. Part of this venture is accepting hosting opportunities. Our team can work with you on your next event. Let us know about the details, and we promise to do our homework.

Find The Right Location

We can spot the best location for your event needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event is. Meet2Date will give you a list of options to take. Location spotting is one of the tasks that an event manager will dread to do. But we love this part. We have already gathered contacts to help us with this task which means we may get some good deals for you.

What About The Food and Drinks?

Here is the best part why you should do your event with us. We love food. Our experience with speed dating events gave us an edge on this aspect. We know which cuisine is perfect for an event. We also consider your preference and budget. And if you want to have some alcohol or specific beverage to be included, we got your back on that too.

Themes and Concept

Every speed dating events we’ve done in the past has different concepts and themes. We took care of the designing. Meet2date can help you conceptualize the theme of the event you have in mind. When it comes to arts in crafts, Meet2Date can bring it to the next level.

Contact Us and Let’s Start Planning

Like any event, there is a planning stage. Contact us so we can start planning that special event of your dreams. We promise to make it extra-special.