Meet2Date will transform your perception of dating. Dating had a bad rap for years, but we are changing it. Speed dating is not bad or what conservative people consider as “immoral”. It is a new way to explore before you invest on a relationship. If you want to give it a try but have some hesitations on it, we are here for you.

Find a Love Doctor

Dating is confusing. We all know that fact. There is no one-size-fits all. It works like this, if you have skin problems, you try different skin care products. But not every one of these products will work for you. Instead of trying and ruining your face in the process, it’s time to call the experts. It works the same for the problems of the heart. If you’ve been dating guys or girls, but can’t find someone who is a match for you, there is an underlying cause that needs to be cured first. Our love doctors have the experience on the matter. They will not judge you nor give you a careless advice. They are here to listen and guide you.


Our love doctors will look closely to your personal preference. Meet2Date don’t do generalization. Why? Because humans are complex beings.

We’ll schedule an event that perfectly fits your schedule.

Aside from having a love doctor, you’ll gain a new friend in the process. You’ll learn a lot about love and how to maintain a relationship without burning out.

If you are struggling finding the right date, we are to re-evaluate.

We can also help build up your social skills in case you have problems in mingling with other people. There is no perfect recipe, but it comes with practice, exposure, and off course, a little push from us.

Are You Ready? Here’s the Process

First, you have to create a profile with Meet2date. Once you have a profile, contact us. We will evaluate who is the best love doctor for your personality type and preference. Your love doctor will contact you for more information.