What It’s Like to Be in a Speed Dating Event

For newcomers, speed dating might be a shocking experience. But after attending a few times, you’ll find it interesting. If you have no idea what speed dating looks like, we have some hints for you.

speed dating

Seven Dates in Two Hours

A speed dating event usually shuffles seven dates for the participants within two hours. How cool is that? In two hours, you were just able to interrogate seven people. The idea is that you get to know at least seven potentials in the event. You’ll figure out in the end who is worth keeping or not. There are some participants who are extremely introvert, so the idea of a systematized program might help them get out of the box.

There Will Be Awkward Moments

In this event, you’ll meet persons who are the direct opposite of you. The date usually is timed for fifteen minutes, and those minutes could be the longest minutes of your life. You might find this unexciting, but its part of the contactos con chicas que buscan pareja. You’ll never know who you are going to meet. And that’s the exciting part.

speed dating

Multiple Potentials in One Night

You might not be able to jive with those seven dates, but you will find multiple potentials. There’s also a chance that you can be torn between multiple lovers. It’s quite funny to think that you were loveless for years, and here you are, finding yourself in a difficult situation to choose. If you ever find yourself in this extreme situation, site de rencontre belge might have some tips for you. It’s normal to feel confused but after all this, you’ll discover yourself in the process.

Are You Going to Get His or Her Number?

After the event, if you find someone really interesting, you can get his or her number. It’s up to you now whether to pursue that guy or gal. We suggest that you get their number. You may contemplate what’s the best course of action to take. You don’t have to message them soon. You can wait until you are ready to finally date someone formally.