Unwritten Rules of Modern Dating


Dating a person could be the most dynamic experience you’ll be ever into. The modern dating is more liberating than old fashioned dating which only means that the rules have changed. The rules are tricky, but you’ll learn them along the way.

Modern Ditching or “Ghosting”

Even if you dated someone from online dating you don’t like, don’t just ditch her or him without saying goodbye. Have the courage to say that it didn’t work out. It is better that way rather than just disappearing without notice. Don’t leave loose ends. You can date without hurting someone.

Include Exes on Your Taboo List

dateAre fond of bringing up the exes topic? If that so, you have to be creative in bringing up a more interesting topic. Don’t ask questions like, why did you break up with him or her? Never ask this question on your first date. If the other person brought it up, you may feel free to answer or decline.

Don’t Send “Awkward” Pics

If your date is sending you those awkward pics, he might be not serious. A guy who wants a serious relationship will be careful about his actions. He won’t do anything to offend you. If you are a guy, don’t send dick pics. That is so rude, and we don’t need another image of that swirling around the internet. Modern dating requires respect, and a good sense of humor.

When to Split the Bill Or Accept The Offer

So here’s the part where you need to gauge your date. If you are a female, don’t expect the guy to pay for everything. Offer to split the bill, at least. If your date offers to pay it in full, go ahead and accept it. This rule is the most sensitive rule mentioned in this article. But in order to get a good dating experience, it’s important that you set your financials straight.